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At Data Essential, our mission is to enable customers to build a new class of applications, leveraging big and fast data, and native cloud infrastructure. We strongly believe that making complex data analytics open for every enterprise will make our life better by bringing more smart products and innovative services.

We are a startup sourced by a mature team that delivers enablement, integration and support to help our customers succeed with their 3rd Platform projects:

Data Essential also provides fully managed platforms, delivering instant access to production-ready solutions from our technology portfolio. In partnership with local infrastructure provider(s), we deliver compute, network and software stack configured for performance, reliability and security. It easily scales to meet your needs while enabling to focus on your business.

Data Science & Data Lab

Employing techniques and theories drawn from fields such as mathematics, statistics, information theory and information technology, we facilitate the extraction of knowledge from your data.

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Strategy & Consulting

Our team of skilled professionals, provides consulting and support based on in-depth knowledge and experience to help customers make informed decisions, solve problems and deliver value.

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Cloud & Outsourcing

Maintenance of software components supporting the 3rd Platform might be cumbersome. Our managed services program includes installation, upgrades, support and scaling of your platform.

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  • Explore big data to understand potential

  • Transform and enrich big data to make it better

  • Intuitively discover new insights and share the value

  • Leverage more of your existing analytic talent



Advanced Analytics

Become a predictive business by leveraging advanced analytics and an analytical data warehouse. Gain deeper insights than ever before through high performance analysis of extremely…

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Enterprise Search

Elastic provides a growing platform of open source projects and commercial products designed to search, analyze, and visualize your data, allowing you to get actionable insight in real time…

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Real-Time Search & Analysis

Combining the speed of search with the power of analytics changes your relationship with your data. Search, discover, and analyze to gain insights that improve your products…

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Data Lake Platform

Deploy a Hadoop-based business data lake to analyze data more flexibly than ever before. Scale-out storage and ingest data sets of any size, speed, or source. Flexibly deploy on…

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Platform as a Service

Govern your application lifecycle with a modern IT platform that accelerates software development without compromising operations. Streamline application development,…

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Data Essential Cloud

Build your own environment in seconds. A fully hosted and managed solution, Data Essential Cloud makes powering data lake, advanced analytics, search or logging a snap…

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