On interactive storytelling and Big Data : Chris Crawford’s Siboot

Earlier this week, I went over an article of Chris Crawford’s current project in videos games. Like everybody, I’ve heard of Chris mostly because of his famous 1992 CGDC lecture in which he announced his exit from the mainstream game industry by charging away branding a sword. But I never wonder to what new horizons such a singular figure would ride away.

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Pivotal HAWQ beats Impala & Apache Hive

In the world of big data and analytics, query speed makes a huge difference.

But, speed isn’t the whole picture. The real experts in the industry are now rightly expanding their focus to consider the “quality and completeness” of SQL on Hadoop implementations.

“Quality” means looking at speed along with overall query effectiveness, which has a major impact on a company’s ability to maximize their benefits from big data analytics. And that can directly impact profit, scale, complexity, developer productivity, and operational costs. Poor technical decisions in this area ultimately waste time and money.

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