March 7, 2016 Jonathan Basse

Hortonworks Splits Core Hadoop from Extended Services

Hortonworks today announced a major change to the way it distributes its Hadoop software. Starting with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.4, Hortonworks is enhancing the velocity of its release cycle by balancing the customers’ requirements for a stable platform with rapid access to the latest innovations in the open source community. In order to accomplish this goal, Hortonworks announced a brand new release strategy that includes:

Core HDP services: Going forward, Core HDP services that comprise of HDFS, YARN and MapReduce will align with the “ODPi Core”- compatible version of Apache Hadoop (currently Hadoop ver 2.7.1). Core HDP services provide customers with a stable base for their mission critical workloads and at the same time empowers Big Data solutions providers with a standard that they can qualify their solutions against.
Extended HDP services: Extended HDP services relates to the services that access the data stored in HDP including Hive, HBase, Storm, Spark and more. Extended services provide customers with the flexibility to uptake the innovation that is delivered on top of the common core, based on their own requirements and schedule. With Extended services, customers would be able to easily uptake the new functionality without causing any disruption to their core platform.
HDP 2.4 Components

HDP 2.4 Components

Hortonworks‘ adoption of two separate release schedules for its flagship Hadoop distribution, called the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), was made in response to increasingly dense test and release cycles. With more than 20+ different Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects going into HDP, it was becoming difficult for the vendor to ensure that each of the components was fully tested against all the others. And it was also causing concern among the customer base. Ensuring compatibility among an escalating number of Hadoop components was one of the main reasons that Hortonworks co-founded the ODPi a year ago. The Santa Clara, California company, along with Pivotal Software and IBM, are the main backers of the ODPi, while Hadoop competitors’ Cloudera and MapR have questioned the need for its existence.

What’s new in HDP 2.4? Spark 1.6 GA

HDP 2.4 delivers support for Spark 1.6. Spark is one of the extended services which runs on top of Hadoop. As those services evolve, customers who require the latest innovations should be able to easily adopt them in a non-disruptive manner. Hortonworks provided a technical preview of Spark 1.6 within hours of the community approving the release of Spark 1.6.

What else is new? Ambari 2.2 with Express Upgrade

The latest release of Ambari now delivers a new upgrade mechanism called “Express Upgrade.” In early 2015, Ambari introduced automation for a rolling upgrade capability to take advantage of innovations delivered throughout the 20 plus components included with HDP 2.2. During 2015, we have continued to refine and improve the rolling upgrade capability which allows customers to apply both maintenance releases and feature bearing releases of HDP onto their running cluster; eliminating downtime for their mission critical applications.



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