May 11, 2015 Jonathan Basse

Pivotal HAWQ Lands In HDP

Pivotal HAWQ is now Hortonworks Data Platform certified. Pivotal HAWQ now provides deeper integration with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and simplifies management with new support for Apache Ambari.

Today’s announcement continues on Pivotal’s previously announced unified approach to meeting enterprise data management and analytics needs through a strategic and commercial alliance with Hortonworks. This marks the first time that the features and capabilities of Pivotal HAWQ have been made available outside of Pivotal. The availability aligns with a common Open Data Platform (ODP) Core that allows users to leverage the best-of-breed technology across providers.

Pivotal continues to make quick progress on our mission to make our industry leading Big Data Suite products more accessible and usable across the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Building on February’s announcements around the Open Data Platform initiative, where Pivotal and Hortonworks along with other big data visionaries, partnered to create a common commercial core of Apache Hadoop® projects, Pivotal and Hortonworks announced today that Pivotal HAWQ, the SQL on Hadoop query engine that speeds up big data queries by up to 1000x, is available on Hortonworks Data Platform.

Pivotal HAWQ: The Killer App for Apache Hadoop

As the world’s appetite for big data continues to grow, the pressure to get real time insights from HDFS using existing enterprise investments and skillsets in SQL is increasing rapidly.

Originally developed from Pivotal Greenplum Database, Pivotal HAWQ has been extended to work on Apache Hadoop workloads. With full SQL compliance for analytical workloads and proven support for extreme scale, it is the ‘killer app’ that companies are looking for to unlock real-time insights from their Hadoop investments.

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